Best Watch Winder Inventions Over the Years

Ever since its first introduction in the 1920s, watch winder has evolved into a luxury item with different features and forms. Invented by John Hardwood, several inventions and innovations have been made over the years of its existence in order to perfect every single aspect of watch winder. Check out this article to find out about some of the best watch winder inventions over the years.

Silent Motor

Most notable feature possessed by any high-end automatic watch winder manufacturer is the silent motor. Since its invention in 1832, electric motors have evolved to satisfy different parts of industries and lifestyles. Electric motor which produces a minimal noise has become one of many watch winder features to consider when buying one. The minimal sound from the motor is possible due to the employment of energy effective and high-end electric motors. 

Portable Winder

Smaller electric motor means a manufacturer’s ability to make a smaller sized watch winder. In recent years, small portable winder have become the most wanted item amongst watch enthusiasts. This is possible due to the cheaper price and portability compared to the bigger automatic watch winder case. Portable watch winder is also possible due to the use of a battery as a power reserve. Based on that fact, the portable watch winder has become one of the best watch winder innovations.

Safety Feature

A feature that modern watch winder have compared to older winders is the presence of safety features. Modern safety features such as password combination dial, fingerprint lock, and anti theft key lock have become a staple on determining the best watch winder. Modern safety features give watch owners the possibility to keep their watch safe as well as aesthetically displaying them. Safety feature in the watch winder safe box is definitely one of the best watch related inventions ever invented. 

Programmable Rotation

Each brand of watch has their own requirement of turns required in order to make their watch running and ticking. As a response to that, some of the best watch winder manufacturers invented a watch winder with programmable rotation mode. In addition to that, another feature such as sleep mode can also be adjusted in order to give your winder a time to rest. With this invention, it is possible for a watch owner to adjust different watch winder to have their own rotation mode to suit their different watch brand.

So, that’s some of the best watch winder inventions over the years according to us. Those inventions were made in order to satisfy watch owners’ need for watch winder features such as security, portability and convenience.


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